Dienstag, 1. April 2008


Gerade eine innozente Koinzidenz gefunden, bei der Sichtung des Films:

I suppose this might not be by accident: Compare the chosen Font of my favourite early (not only) 90s Band (and Singer) with the Titleart of this Movie:

And their name-logo from "microdot" brian cannon, since, i think, their third studio-album:

And I want to point out, that I don't wanna say it's stolen, but I think it's a very adequate fitting style. I liked it a lot.

and this seems to be odd but true:

Nachtrag/Addendum (28.07.08):

Notably nowadays this Font is very common again! Posters, covers of new music are using this style once again. Is this in union with the return of the shoegazer sound?

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